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4 earring models to inspire you!

That the hoop earring is the darling of all women, this we can not deny. After all, it exists in various sizes, thicknesses, colors and with various types of finish. For this reason, it becomes a very democratic jewelry, which can be part of the most diverse combinations.

Thinking about it, we separate for you, 4 models of hoop earrings to inspire you. Since most classic models, even those who have twisted pendants and finishes. Follow:

4 models of hoop earrings

The plethora of hoop earrings is great. But there are always those models that most attract our attention, right? We have brought you some types to get acquainted with and acquire for your collection:

Hoop earring with pendant

The pendant earring is a great way to bet on the classic earring, but still “get away” a bit from the pattern. Bringing a new finishing possibility to the common earring.

It is possible to find several types of pendants in a eearing, but if you love to give a daring, without running too far from the classic, this will be the ideal model. The pendant provides a distinctive and soft touch in the composition of the look.


Earrings with stones

The stones are great allies when we need a more chic and formal production. For they have the ability to make everything even more elegant and glamorous at the same time. Betting on the combination of earrings with stones is striking in super feminine looks, classic and delicate at the same time. And so, the finish is super fine and elegant.


Golden and Braided Earrings


For those who like to give a different look in the looks, you can bet on hoop earrings that have a more robust finish, like this one in the photo. In addition, the braid is also able to leave the earring with a more striking presence.

And so it is possible that it is the high point of the composition. While chains and rings, for example, are only complementary accessories.


Large and smooth hoop earring

Finally, we could not fail to show a classic option of hoop earrings: the big and smooth. This version usually pleases the most diverse types of tastes, besides being a very elegant piece. Perfect for both day-to-day and more specific and formal events. As for finishing, the color is at your discretion. Since all colors give a beautiful finish to the look.

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