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5 Quick Tips for a Boat Day

If it’s summer or not, every day is a good day for a boat or a yacht ride. If there will be a party on board, you can opt for an elegant style with a long dress with a powerful swimsuit. If the ride is more casual, for a relaxing lunch or brunch, you can use fresh shorts + blouse to give it a cool look.

The perfect look for a boat day will depend on the occasion, that is why we chose the 5 best accessories to get you ready for any time:

1 – Hat and Sunglasses

It is very likely that there will be wind or at least a constant breeze. If the idea is to really let your hair down, get ready to get it off your face all the time and for a detangling cream bath on the back. A Braid, cap, visor, hat or even a charming scarf solve the issue.

2 – Detangle Hair Spray
Another good tip is to take a Detangling Spray and apply it as soon as you leave the sea with still very wet hair to comb the strands before finalizing the hair in the setting or texturing.
3 – Sunscreen and body lotion

The wind and the sun are very bad for skin health. A boat trip usually combines both of them, so don’t forget the high protection factor sunscreen. In addition, take a body lotion to moisturize and perfume your skin.

4 – A lightweight overcoat or a beach sarong

Don’t forget to take a lightweight overcoat or a beach sarong. You can also tie them in your waist and create a cool look.

5 – A maxi-bag, and an extra pair of clothes

Always take an extra pair of clothes in case if yours get too wet. A t-shirt with buttons to tie over the bikini and a jeans short is a good option. In accessories prefer the large bags to carry everything we need. And waterproof bags are the most recommended!


*Extra tip: Don’t forget your Golden Soul jewels to look even more stylish and elegant!

Enjoy your boat trip!

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