Golden Soul

About Us


We believe every woman has a golden soul. Their own and unique beauty.

Our mission is to help them to express and praise their inner self through elegant and high-quality gold plated jewelry made in Brazil.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Golden Soul Jewelry are made of zirconia, rhinestones, and crystal with modern technology, quality control, and hypoallergenic bath. Our 18k gold plated jewelry are known for its quality, durability and unique beauty.

Our products are made with modern technology and quality control, have gold layers of thick yellow and white gold higher than the average market, ensuring a finish similar to a massive jewel.

All pieces have a 1 YEAR WARRANTY from factory. We guarantee your complete satisfaction and trust in the quality of all our products.

Gold Plated Jewelry

What comes along with our gold plated jewelry

You will receive your jewelry in a decorated box made with much affection for you. Your jewelry will arrive at SAFE, PROTECTED and VERY WELL WRAPPED so you have a pleasant experience from begin to the end. We also send a certificate of guarantee, ensuring that you are buying legitimate jewelry plated in gold 18kt of reliable origin.