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Bracelet with pendants: 5 models you need to know

Who does not like to wear a beautiful bracelet with pendants that shoot the first stone! After all, this piece is super democratic, besides being a great to always add and remove possible pendants.

In this way, it is possible to create compositions that are more “flashy” and more discrete. And so, a single bracelet is able to transform into several pieces of diverse styles.

See the styles we have set for you!

5 Bracelets with Pendants

We chose 5 beautiful styles of pendant bracelets to inspire you. And so, bet on new possibilities for your collection of bracelets. Follow:

Bracelet with lucky charms

This type of bracelet is a true classic. After all, who does not like lucky pendants, right? They can make the look even more beautiful, in addition to keeping us always ” protected ” !

There are several options: from those with several lucky charms, to those bracelets with small and discreet pendants. Increasing the possibilities of compositions and pleasing to the most diverse tastes.


Bracelet with key pendant


The key pendant can carry with it several symbologies and meanings. Besides being a beautiful option, it leaves the production more romantic and even mysterious.


Bracelet with elephant pendant

The elephant pendant has a very expressive meaning. In addition to being related to wealth and prosperity, it still represents strength and determination.
So, if you’re the type of person that loves to use accessories that really transpire some message, bet on this possibility.


Bracelet with various pendants

And when you want to tie all kinds of pendants in just one bracelet? Well, the result is beautiful the same way! So you can relate the energies of the four leaf clover, with the meaning of the elephant. In addition to leaving the complete piece with several other positive and beautiful pendants .


Bracelet with ball pendant

For those who seek an option that is a little more discreet, but without escaping the beauty of the pendants, nothing better than a bracelet with delicate balls. And this bracelet, in golden color, looks even more beautiful. For while it is super subtle, it shows richness, due to its brightness and fine finish.


Did you like the bracelets? So be sure to know all the possibilities of bracelets with pendants! Surely you will find models that perfectly match your style.

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