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Triple Chains – Chain Models for you!

Triple chains are much used by women in love with more apparent combinations and likewise do not lose their delicacy.
Since they have three different layers, they can even have pendants in each of them. Leaving the look even more powerful, striking and beautiful.
So we brought you 3 models of three-tiered chains for you to meet and get inspired. Follow the following.

3 models of triplets

Triple chains can be used in both formal and day-to-day events. Just choose the ideal piece to compose your look with harmony.

Triple chain with stones.

This chain is usually well accepted by women who love to wear more romantic and delicate looks. It can be a great option for work, but also for that meeting with two.
The gold also promotes this effect of sophistication and beauty, leaving the look even more elegant and beautiful.

Triple chain with Zirconia

This chain with Zirconia features different pendants, which make the composition more harmonic and interesting.
In addition, the downward-pointing pendant is perfect for lengthening the neck and leaving the face with a thinner aspect. And yet: this type of piece tends to value the lap and the neckline of the woman.

Triple heart chain / I Love you

For the romantic on duty, the chain with heart pendants and with the saying “I Love You” could not miss.
This is a very interesting option for husbands and boyfriends to present their partners. After all, this kind of gift is always very well accepted, is not it?

Bet on the delicacy of a triple chain!
If you are one of those who loves to complement the look with harmonic and delicate pieces, then be sure to know all our options of triple chains!
Click here and visit all our products and find the one that suits your taste and style. Bet on this possibility!

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